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A bit about Kitty Sitter and me

Hi My name is Leane,


I have had a passion and love for cats since I was a little girl aged four, when my family got our first cat from the Cats Protection Society. I have had cats my whole life since then until my last cat a beautiful Persian named Oscar, who I adored with all my heart, died of old age at sixteen. I have not got a cat at the moment but I have two beautiful rescue cats belonging to my neighbor who visit me everyday, along with a few other cats in the neighborhood who drop by for the occasional treat and cuddle.

I started Kitty Sitter NI cat sitting service as an alternative to Cattery’s offering customers the convenience of being able to book holidays, take business trips or attend to a sudden emergency without the worry of “Who will look after the Cat”

As any cat lover knows cats are very territorial and don’t like disruption, Kitty Sitter NI provides a stress free and cost effective solution to a cattery.Your cat stays in the luxury of their own home and you have the peace of mind that your cat is being cared for while you are away.

I look forward to meeting you and your cat/s soon.

Kitty Sitter Ni Services

Whether you are planning a holiday, taking a weekend break, have to go on a business trip or attend to some other last minute sudden emergency, you don’t want the added worry of ” Who will look after the cat?’

Kitty Sitter NI cat sitting offers the ‘cat preferred’ alternative to a cattery, HOME. Best of all, it is easier for you too, there is no need to fight your cat into a travel basket then spend the journey listening to your poor cat crying. Cats love  familiar surroundings and can suffer from high levels of stress, some even stop eating for days at a time.

They like to be at HOME. Your cat will still miss you but you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that they will get the personal attention and care they crave.

By using Kitty Sitter NI you can ensure that your cat will enjoy the continuity of their normal daily life as much as possible by maintaining the normal diet, environment, routines and most of all the luxurious lifestyle he/she has become accustomed to. Your cat will be visited in their own home every day and provided with fresh food and water, the litter box will be cleared (with a complete clean every 5th day) Cuddles and TLC.


Why should I use Kitty Sitter NI home cat sitting service?

• Cost effective alternative to using a cattery.

• Insured and CRB police checked

• Peace of mind for you

• Less stress for your cat – minimal change to their daily routine

• Reliable, local service with many happy cats and customers

• More spare time for you – no need to transport your cat to or from a cattery

. Knowing when you open your door after your break he/she will be there to greet you.

Kitty Sitter NI provide a range of cat sitting care packages to suit you and your cats needs. You can view these on the Prices page of this website.

    • Save cash and reap the benefits


    • You are fully covered.


    • No one likes stress, we can help!


    • You know you can rely we will be there


    • Get that coffee
    • Get your hair done
    • It makes more sense!


    • It is a simple one call set up...


Frequently asked cat sitter questions

I’m afraid I do not offer a dog sitting or dog walking service. We do not look after dogs as we do not want any cat we are caring for to smell a dog’s scent on our clothing or hands. This can make them nervous of us, especially if a cat has had a bad experience with a dog in the past. I run Kitty Sitter NI as a cat sitting service but appreciate that many families have additional small pets such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs or fish. I am happy to feed these at the same time as visiting your cat. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your exact requirements or discuss any additional pets you may have.
For your peace of mind I have Public Liability Insurance and hold a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Police check certificate which I will let you view at our first consultation.
My vehicles are not sign written, as I do not want to advertise and draw attention to the fact that your property is vacant whilst you are away.
Kitty Sitter NI will arrange an initial customer and cat meeting. If this is near the time that you are going to be travelling then your keys could be collected at this point. Alternatively I will come and collect them from you at a time that is more convenient.

Another meeting will be arranged for your keys to be returned to you in person. Please note I will not post keys through a letterbox as I need to make sure that you have received them. No charge will be made for key collections and returns. All keys will be kept in a locked box with a tag that will have a reference on it. This reference will not have your address or telephone number and will be kept separate to all records with your address on.

I will always scoop out the litter tray every visit and give it a deep clean as required.
While I run Kitty Sitter NI as a cat sitting service I appreciate that many families have additional pets. I am happy to feed small pets such as rabbits, hamsters or guinea pigs at the same time as visiting your cat. Please contact me to discuss your exact requirements or discuss any additional pets you may have.
If you don’t have a cat but need someone to feed your other pets while you are away, (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamster fish etc), I am happy to help. Please contact me to discuss you and your pets requirements. Prices will be the same as those for cat sitting based on 1 or 2 visits per day.
Yes Kitty Sitter NI are happy to water any indoor plants whilst you are away.

Cat sitting price list

Unlike many cat sitters and catteries, Kitty Sitter NI wont charge you extra for each additional cat you have. My prices include caring for up to and including 3 cats (at the same address).

I understand that no two families are the same. You might have one cat that needs feeding, or you might have 3 cats and two rabbits to feed plus plants that you need watering daily! Please contact me with your exact requirements and your postcode location and I will be happy to supply you a quote.

Kitty Sitter NI Care 1 – from only £12.00*

  • 1 single visit per day
  • Discard old food, clean bowl and feed
  • Discard old water, clean bowl and provide fresh water
  • Clear litter tray every visit (with a thorough deep-clean as required)
  • Check cat/s is happy and content
  • Cuddles & TLC
  • Groom (if necessary)

All visits will be made within working hours of 9 – 6 daily
Kitty Sitter NI Care package include:

  • Free customer and cat meeting
  • Key collection and return in person
  • Pick up any post/newspapers

Extras that may apply

  • Price per extra cat (if you have more than 3 cats) – £2.00 each
  • Emergency or booked vet visits (any costs incurred from the vet visit will be charged on your return) – £12 per hour.

If you have any additional specific requirements please feel free to contact me and discuss these.

General terms and conditions
*All prices shown are based on 5 mile radius from Belfast, BT14
For locations over 5 miles from Belfast each additional mile will be charged at £1.50 per mile per visit, (75p each way).
A quote will be arranged for the customer and cat meeting or given over the phone after a postcode search on distance has been completed.
All prices will be confirmed at the customer and cat meeting and then fixed for your booking.
A deposit of 25% or a minimum of £20.00 is required to reserve your dates and this is non-refundable unless cancellation is more than 7 days before the start of your booking.
Full payment will be required prior to commencement of service, by cash. or cheque.
Please make cheques payable to:- Mrs Leane McCullough.